Pulse Student Ministry

Grades 7-12 Meets every Sunday at 9:30 AM and Wednesday at 7:00 PM

The talented Pulse Praise Band plays every Wednesday with a mix of contemporary praise and worship music.

Seeking to know Christ, love Christ, and follow Him

  • Mentoring one on one
  • Discipleship
  • Counseling
  • Bible Studies
  • Daily Devotion  Why do we do this? Because if you have a teenager, chances are they avoid church like the plague. We hope Pulse can change their minds and help teens focus on Gods love for them. So what else do we offer besides a unique environment? Here’s the tip of the iceberg:
    • Leaders who talk to them, not at them
    • Wild extracurricular events, typically involving water, dizzying heights and/or road trips.
    • A safe place to ask questions, get answers and find the truth.
    • A chance to help others-with Outreach opportunities around the corner, across the country and around the world.
    •  videos and discussions that make sense of the Bible.
    • People they can relate to.
    • Summer Camps for Jr. High and Sr. High Students.